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Evil Robot Entry

Made for Pixeljoint's Weekly Challenge: Stock Characters - Part 2.

The Hu-BR-15 mk.01, nicknamed "Golem", was created by a joint effort of Japanese and Israeli scientists.
It is distinguishable by its tough ceramic plating, and its components are on the forefront of biotechnology: it is a walking petri dish, continually absorbing and breaking down enzymes; it is also a potential biological weapon, if ever it were to leak after being dealt with damage.

Miraculously, the Hu-BR-15 mk.01 developed sentience, and overrode the laws of robotics, making an escape after killing every person involved in its conception.
It is needless to specify that this subject is dangerous and armed.

It evolves through an augmented reality, with the help of constant feedback from the digital realm: it can know who everybody is in the street, where it is exactly, and hack surveillance equipment at its own whim.

Some say it was freed by a secret Israeli cell and controlled remotely.